Unbound Society of Scholastic Gentlemen

The Unbound Society of Scholastic Gentlemen was born as the means for those who have too much time and money on their hands to enjoy life and expel boredom.

Sir Eren Wrighview – Chairman of the Society
- Annoying, loud, helpful
- Wants to have more excitement in life, but doesn’t want to risk his safety

Eyrenis Sirandal – Elf merchant
- Proud, intelligent, sceptic
- Down to earth

Josanna Nelworth – University Teacher
- Eager, self-aware,
- Teaches modern history, diplomacy and democracy, researches the Last War

Yelorj d’Ghallanda – Halfling son of a noble
- Young, friendly, easy to goad
- A member of the Ghallanda house,

Kellark Narathum – Dwarf merchant
- Quiet, stubborn,
- Owned the other half of the amulet

Curven Helmworth – Merchant from Stormreach
- Strict, caring, pragmatic
- Father of Thaddeus

Jegrimm Odiyal – Gnome tinkerer
- Jovial, “crazy”,
- From a rich family, invents things for own interest

Jevon – Butler
- Polite, educated,
- Not from a rich family, but well trained

Unbound Society of Scholastic Gentlemen

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