Character creation outlines

Character Creation


  • Characters are citizens of Sharn, a big metropolis in the Breland region of the continent of Khorvaire.
  • Being Upper Class, the characters have significant amount of wealth and a good position in the society
  • All the characters are also part of a small gentlemen’s club, and are acquainted with each other
  • Can belong to some of the Dragonmarked Houses

Rulings and guidelines

  • Stats by point calculation (32 points)
  • The characters start with with one level in either Noble or Paragon (or some other low-tier class) and with one level of a class of their choice (Note: the first level is treated as 0 level experience-wise)
  • Characters begin the game with 2500 gp

Exceptions to mid-campaign characters

  • Characters start with 5000 exp and ~3500 gp worth of magic items (check with GM)
  • 0-level class can be exchanged for a +1-level adjustment
  • Can have a different background than starting characters

Races and Classes

Recommended races: (Dragonmarked races with political standing)

  • Humans (Houses Cannith, Orien, Deneith, Vadalis, Tharask)
  • Elves (Houses Phiarlan, Thuranni)
  • Dwarves (House Kundarak)
  • Gnomes (House Sivis)
  • Halflings (Houses Ghallanda, Jorasco)
  • Half-Elves (Houses Lyrandal, Medani)
  • Half-Orcs (House Tharask)

Other races (require some extra background):


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Character creation outlines

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